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Worried and anxious about your standards check? Don't fully understand the 'Standards Check Form (SC1)? Not sure if you're teaching in line with the DVSA standards?

Newly qualified ADI or experienced, most ADI's dread the standards check. 

If you agree or disagree with the standards check, to remain on the ADI register we must achieve a grade B or higher. 

We understand the stress and pressure the standards check can have on a driving instructor. The outcome of your standards check assessment will directly impact the future of your career.

You teach learners everyday, week in week out, learners are delighted with your teaching methods, you have plenty of driving test passes - you're clearly doing something right to produce such results. 

But is that enough to ensure a high grade on your standards check?

Over time it is very normal to try different teaching methods, develop your own teaching style and a teaching format that delivers results in a less strenuous way.

For the progressive and forward thinking ADI"s, the standards check can be quite refreshing. It forces the individual to review their teaching at a deeper level and open to change and further improve. 

Between the standards check unless you sign up to voluntary CPD, there's no one holding you accountable, assessing your teaching or guiding you to further develop your skills as a driving instructor.

At Your Driving Academy we take CPD seriously. Our driving school franchisees work with us to further develop their skills as an ADI. Be that one-to-one support, sitting in on driving lessons, over the telephone or using our ADI portal. We want our instructors to be the best version of themselves to serve our customers. 

The standards check keeps ADI's in check and ensure we meet the minimum requirements to continue serving the community. 

If this is your first standards check (recently qualified/not familiar with the new check test) or you just want to make sure you're well prepared get in touch today.

Our training is tailored around your individual requirements. We generally conduct a Standards Check assessment in two formats:

  • We assess a real driving lesson with a learner or qualified driver
  • Conduct a role play assessment on a DVSA pre-set topic of your choice

Download a copy of the Standards Check (SC1) form 

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