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Not satisfied as an ADI? Doing 'OK'? Feel the profession as a driving instructor is over-rated and exaggerated? Market is flooded with instructors? Word of mouth isn't bringing in enough customers? 

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"We want to help driving instructors live the life they set out to live being a successful ADI"

 With most franchises it's just about giving you the bare minimum pupil supply and support. At Your Driving Academy it's much more than that. Probably the best driving school franchise available. 

Why do so many ADI's/PDI's choose Your Driving Academy?

  • Abundant supply of customers
  • Proven marketing techniques using an omni-channel approach that delivers paying customers
  • We're on the first page on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Plenty on search engine LOVE - We show up more than once on the first page of search engines
  • Our team of driving instructors currently serve over 500 Learners every single week
  • No long term contracts or tie in's - 4 weeks notice to terminate
  • ADI's choose to stay with us for several years
  • Hassle free and a pleasure to work with

Here's a little about what you can expect from us:

  • Guaranteed Pupil Supply 
  • Choose the days you work
  • Choose the hours you work
  • Choose your tuition vehicle
  • We only book your initial appointments so you have complete control of your diary
  • We take card payments on your behalf
  • Regular contact from the team to help and support you
  • Increased job satisfaction, guaranteed
  • Full online diary support
  • Customer Terms & Conditions to reduce cancellations
  • Social Media presence across all popular channels
  • NEW for 2020! YDA Members Area - Exclusive content
  • New revenue streams to increase your income (not only from driving lessons)
  • Your learner drivers will benefit from our 'Unique YDA experience'  

and much much more.

As Serial Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson says:
"If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple"  

Find out if this is for you.

Vacancies in Leicester, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Coalville, Market Harborough and surrounding areas

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Team photo with some of our driving instructors
Your Driving Academy driving instructors evening out
Ehtesham with Olympic Gold Medalist

'I'm so glad I joined YDA as it has completely changed my life."

"Before working for Your Driving Academy I was working for myself, teaching a few family friends and was getting little work as I hadn't advertised much and was just relying on word of mouth, I also had a part time job so I wasn't too concerned to begin with as to how many pupils I had, after a year and a half on my own i thought I needed to push myself more as I was a qualified instructor and wasn't using it to its full potential. So I started to look around for companies to join, I was still a bit sceptical about whether I should join someone or carry on on my own because I was worried about paying a huge franchise fee or joining a company and once they had my money they wouldn't supply you with the students. A little while after looking I was approached by Etty of Your Driving Academy, after speaking to him for a while I felt that he was really honest with me and he wouldn't mess me around or just take my money from me, which is what I was most afraid of. After a couple of days of thinking about what to do I decided to take a gamble and join Your Driving Academy, as soon as I joined Etty had passed on so many students it completely filled up my calendar! It got to a point where I had to ask Etty to stop as I didn't have much free time to myself. Etty has been a great person to work with, he's very friendly and easy to talk to, he's always there to help you no matter how little or big the problem is, he's always very professional and has always been honest, he'll take out time from his busy schedule to help you with anything you're struggling with and will also call frequently to see how you're getting on and if everything is ok. Looking back at it now I'm so glad I joined YDA as it has completely changed my life."

Hassan Mansur - Franchising since 2014, Leicester

'Don't look anywhere else"

"I've been with YDA for over a year now and couldn't be happier. I've had all the support and backing of YDA that I need to run my business. I would like to thank Ehtesham as he has been by my side all the way and the support he has given has been very valuable. Every time I need to talk to him he's always there to help with a smile. Thank you Ehtesham.

If anyone is looking to join a franchise, I would recommend YDA anytime. Don't look anywhere else!!!"

Raj Basra - Franchising since 2015, Leicester

Ehtesham presenting

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All we ask is you keep an open mind, willing to change and improve working methods, genuine, reliable and overall be hardworking. 

If that's you then we'd like you to join our team. Get in touch today and become a satisfied ADI. 


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What is a driving instructors biggest challenge?

A driving instructors biggest challenge is:

'The getting and keeping of customers!'

At Your Driving Academy we recognised early on that getting and keeping customers is the lifeblood of any business, that includes driving schools. 
You could have the best product to sell or deliver an unrivalled service but is that enough to run a successful driving school business? No Customers (or lack of them) = No Business
If you can get and keep enough customers when you need them, everything else one way or another get's looked after. 

So where and when will your next learner come from?

If you can answer that question with certainty and confidence, you’re doing great! If you can’t that’s okay - that’s where we come in. We’ve cracked the rhythmic acquisition of customers to help your driving school business thrive!
You may have already:
  • spent time in choosing a name for your driving school and not already taken by someone else 
  • creating the perfect logo
  • Spent money on having a website built or maybe you decided to do it yourself. 
  • Spent countless hours working on a website trying to figure out how many pages should a website have? what text and images are needed? The layout? Website jargon? Coding? 
  • After spending a ten's of hours on your website, hardly any website visitors...That’s deflating...
  • Your website maybe more beautiful, better then many other driving school websites you've seen but why do their sites perform better?
  • Spent money on advertising online - with little or no return
  • Sucked into marketing calls promising to help generate an abundant supply of customers  and completely wasted spend 

It’s like throwing mud at a wall but it nothing seems to stick. We get it.

You’re a driving instructor. Not a marketer - that’s not what you signed up for!

It's not fair!

You may well be more experienced, committed, passionate, energetic and genuine unlike many other driving instructors in your local area but why are they busier than you? 
We want to level the playing field and get you noticed. 
Heck, maybe you’ve even tried a driving school franchise before or you’ve heard enough horror stories to keep you away!

How many times has this happened to you? 

You've missed a call from a potential learner because you're on a driving lesson or otherwise occupied. 
And when you return their call they've already booked elsewhere. 
Maybe you've received a few enquiries, they ask about your driving lesson prices and say "they'll call you back."
You never hear from them again!
At Your Driving Academy we want to allow our driving instructors to focus on what they do best, deliver a top notch service to our learner drivers without having to worry about the day-to-day running of the business. 


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"My experience with YDA is remarkable."


I have been working with YDA for 9 years. My experience with YDA is remarkable. The narrative of full experience and feelings are beyond the ambit of this short review and comments. But I will try to depict some points based on the conduct and protocols of the driving industry and otherwise too.

Before I joined YDA, I had worked with other company (won’t mention the name). The Work was really slow there, at one point, it became harder to pay the Franchise even. I acquainted Etty(the director of YDA) in the same year.  Etty assured me that he would provide me plenty of work (supply of Pupils) and help me to improve my teaching skills too. After contemplating for a while, I finally joined YDA in 2012.

I am pleased to say that he kept his words and I have always been provided with the amount of work until today. I never had any issues and concerns about the quantity of pupils and the quality of work as well. Etty always asks me if I need more students. He has always fills my diary according to my working hours and the area I cover. I have never had to call for work, as there is always plenty of work. Instead, I have rejected for taking new students on several occasions due to some other commitments.

The company has got very good reputation. The credit goes to Etty and his trustworthy instructors. The instructors are from different backgrounds and there is no discrimination among them in any regard. Due to the diversity of instructors, the company represents the true diversity of Leicester as well.

Etty, himself is an excellent instructor. The management is always available for instructors and prompt to deliver the services to instructors and students.  In running day to day tasks and affairs of the business, his managerial skills and ideas are not hidden too. He always handles the issues and matters of the instructors meticulously. He is very patient, tolerant, resilient, cooperative, and down to earth. He is the person with etiquettes and decorum. I always find him trustworthy, compassionate and benevolent. Due to these qualities of him, I have never faced any condemnatory situation in dealing with Etty(YDA). I simply say that I am delighted to be the part of YDA.

I will end these comments by saying that, it is not only the great place to learn with quality and well-mannered instructors, but also best choice for instructors to be the part of YDA."

Rana Shehzad - Franchising since 2011

We don't like to brag but here's some of our recent achievements

In 2017 We were rated in the ‘Top Three Driving Schools’ in our area.

In 2019 We were nominated for Business Excellence Award and won ‘Driving School of The Year’ & Customer Service Excellence 2019

In 2020 We were rated in the ‘Top Three Driving Schools’ in our area

In 2020 Once again won ‘Driving School of The Year’ & ‘Customer Service Excellence’ 2020

🚘  Over 500+ learner drivers choose Your Driving Academy every week

🚘  Nominee for ‘Midlands Enterprise Award’

🚘  New partnership with the Road Angel Group

🚘  Youtube channel with over 404,659 views to date and counting…

🚘  Outstanding Driving Instructor Training

🚘 Over 630 genuine reviews by customers

🚘  Unrivalled and unique customer experience 


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