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Driving Lessons And Driving Tests Suspended [UpdatedJanuary 2021]

[Updated January 2021] National Lockdown And Your Driving Lessons

In this post you'll learn:

How the national lockdown will affect your driving lesson

What happens if you have a driving test booked

What to do if your theory test is expiring or has expired during this time

When will driving lessons and tests restart?

Can you pre-book driving lessons?


How the national lockdown will affect your driving lessons

The national lockdown in England has suspended driving lessons and driving tests until further notice. 

Getting your driving licence over the last 12 months hasn't been an easy task. With the local and national lockdowns causing disruption to your driving lessons and tests, theory tests expiring and long waiting times for driving tests -  its been a challenging time.

At Your Driving Academy we understand your frustration.

If you want your driving licence, you'll find yourself in one of the following categories:

  • You can't wait to get behind the wheel...
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