Driving Lessons And Driving Tests Suspended [UpdatedJanuary 2021]

🔒 [Updated January 2021] National Lockdown And Your Driving Lessons

In this post you'll learn:

✔️ How the national lockdown will affect your driving lesson

✔️ What happens if you have a driving test booked

✔️ What to do if your theory test is expiring or has expired during this time

✔️ When will driving lessons and tests restart?

✔️ Can you pre-book driving lessons?


How the national lockdown will affect your driving lessons

❌ The national lockdown in England has suspended driving lessons and driving tests until further notice. 

Getting your driving licence over the last 12 months hasn't been an easy task. With the local and national lockdowns causing disruption to your driving lessons and tests, theory tests expiring and long waiting times for driving tests -  its been a challenging time.

At Your Driving Academy we understand your frustration.

If you want your driving licence, you'll find yourself in one of the following categories:

  • You can't wait to get behind the wheel for the first time


  • You've taken a few driving lessons but since it's been so long you may have forgotten. 


  • You were driving test ready and may need more practice to get up to 'test standard' again


  • Your driving test has been postponed and rescheduled for a later date and time. 


  •  You have a driving test appointment coming up but unable to take driving lessons and not sure if it will even go ahead. 


  • You were unsuccessful on your previous attempt at the driving test


🚗 What happens if you already have a driving test booked?

If you have a car practical driving test booked, you'll receive an email from the DVSA if your driving test will need to be postponed. 

Due to the uncertainty when the lockdown restrictions will be eased, you maybe notified only a few days before your driving test date. 

If you haven't heard anything regarding your driving test, be patient and wait to hear from the DVSA.

You will not loose your driving test appointment fee if your driving test is cancelled or postponed by the DVSA. 


📋 Theory test due to expire or has already expired


You need to pass the theory test to be able to take your car practical driving test. 

Your theory test certificate is valid for 2 years. You must pass your practical test during this time. 

If you don't pass your car practical driving test and your theory certificate expires, you will need to take the theory test again. 

‼️ Your theory test certificate will not be extended

This is because your road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills need to be up to date when you restart driving lessons and take your driving test.

We understand COVID19 may have prevented you from taking driving lessons and the driving test. If your theory has expired during this time, your theory test certificate will not be extended. 

You will need to take the theory test again. 


🔓 When will driving lessons and driving tests restart?

Since schools don't plan to reopen till after the 8th March, it's unlikely driving lessons or tests will resume before then. 

Sign-up to our mailing list and we'll keep you updated. 


📆 Can you pre-book your driving lessons? 

YES! You can pre-book your driving lessons. 

However, since we're currently unsure when it would be safe to commence with your driving lessons we can't confirm a start date. 

Despite driving lessons being suspended, learner drivers are anxious about not getting a space with one of our expert driving instructors post lockdown.

To secure your space join our 'Post Lockdown Waiting List'

We're approaching full capacity with our lockdown waiting list. If you get in touch once the restrictions have been eased, it's unlikely you'll get a driving lesson appointment right away.




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